social media self-audit

      Your social media self-audit … put a Y for yes or an N for no

1        I know the best performing platforms for my product/service
2        I know the best times of the day and week to post
3        I have my own Facebook business page
4        I have my own Instagram business page
5        I have my own Facebook group
6        I daily engage in my Facebook group
7        I daily engage in Facebook groups where my ideal customers tend to hang out
8        My brand image is recognizable
9        My brand is easily identified with my photo
10      I regularly post lifestyle photos or video of myself and my leadership team
11       I am active on at least 3 of the following: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn
12       I have at least 1 of the following: blog, podcast, YouTube channel
13       I am using at least 1 of the following: Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, Facebook Live
14       I understand how to use #’s effectively
15       I regularly check the analytics on all my Social Media
16       I am skilled at using paid advertising on my Social Media
17       I understand and implement a ‘call to action’ as often as appropriate
18       I understand and implement a ‘sales funnel’ as often as appropriate
19       I have installed helpful apps and platforms on my mobile device so I can post ‘in the moment’
20       I understand the internet and social media is ‘here to stay’
21       I understand the difference between social media marketing and social media management
22       I know my website is UpToDate and all links and pages are active
23       I know how to repurpose content to optimize my time and efforts on social media
24       I know where to find information on all the new developments regarding social media
25       I have adequate time, or I delegate, to work on my business social media accounts     

                                   Your score: # of yes answers _____   # of no answers _____

20 – 25 Yes answers = you are close to expert status and should be seeing good results

15 – 20 Yes answers = you are doing quite well with room for improvement

10 – 15 Yes answers = you should ask for help right now

0 – 10   Yes answers = the train has left the station but it’s not too late