people of prayer

Hannah: 1 Samuel 1 & 2  – ridicule from her rivals, year after year, she was driven to depression (1:6,7) – in bitterness of soul she reverted to prayer (1:10) – the birth of Samuel is the long-awaited answer, much like the birth of Jesus, the long-awaited Messiah. Hannah and Mary have similar type of prayer songs (compare 1 Samuel 2 with Luke 1:46-56)

Moses, Aaron & Hur: Exodus 17:8-13 – a prayer meeting of 3 ! – hands raised was the most common posture of prayer, both OT and early NT. Lessons: sometimes we grow tired and need help + prayer is the key to victory

Early Church in Acts: The Church was  born out of a prayer meeting (1:18) note that the prayer was done in unity and it was continuous (Greek word means busy or persistent) � New converts were introduced to a church that prioritized prayer as an essential element of their life together (2:42) note that the church was devoted, steadfast in prayer.

Are there some people in your life who inspire you to pray? Or perhaps you are that inspirational person of prayer for someone else. The Bible has so many examples of people dedicated to prayer. The skeptic asks “why pray?” I think, among other things, that prayer is a reflection of our respect, dedication and dependence on the Lord.

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