Well certainly! The divine paintbrush is out this time of year! I love the fall! Also, a couple of weekends ago when Ruth Graham came to Brockville and 1,000 people had their lives touched by the gracious Spirit of God showing us forgiveness and healing in Jesus. Surely it was a ‘God sighting’ when so many churches in our community came together to pull that event off. I see God on Monday mornings at our church as young moms in difficult places in their lives receive encouragement from caring volunteers they are learning to trust. And in the patient caring shown by other volunteers who creatively play and teach the children of these moms. God is visible in the long term service many of you give to our church/to other churches – God bless you for sitting through meetings, preparing coffee, cleaning up after someone else’s mess, planning programs, encouraging stewardship, generous offerings, teaching Sunday school, leading Bible studies, going to choir rehearsals…. Twice in the last 6 days Yvonne and I have personally seen God show up in an unexpected kind gift. God is sighted on Sunday mornings as people give each other hugs and a hearty welcome, and so clearly is the Lord present in the enthusiasm of our small group of children – I love them! I see God as God’s people write notes, make phone calls, bakes cookies, visit the sick and elderly …. 

That’s all good stuff though. I think we also can see God, through the eyes of faith, in our challenges, in our failures, in our ‘do – overs’.  I have been blessed as I have looked at the Jonah story again. God is there in Jonah’s rebellion, in Jonah’s predicament, in Jonah’s second chance, and even in his pouting. The outlines are posted right here

 Take a look at Jonah, and at your own situation. You think God is hiding? I don’t think so!

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