Don’t Get Stuck in that “in-between place”

We’ve all been there. That place of grey sky and fog that keeps us pining for the sunny skies of the past and longing for the blue skies of tomorrow;  that place of emotional heaviness as we recall the lightness of laughter in days gone by and dream of new days of play and productivity to come. This “in-between place” eats away at our spirit like a cancer; it darkens our eyes, steals our joy, frustrates our faith. We end up in the “in-between place” because we drift and we doubt. It becomes the home of those who forget and neglect.

The week we refer to as “holy week” gives me some insight into this universal human experience. How fast we can fall: Palm Sunday is festive, booming with celebrations, cheering crowds and even a parade. “Hosanna” – “Lord, save us”. Jesus the King is here! And then, a few days later, after some very challenging teaching by Jesus, the crowds yield to the influence of nervous paranoid leaders. The cheers become jeers; acclaiming words of laud  are replaced by loud words of insult. Barabbas becomes the hero of the moment, the promises of God doubted and distorted. Fickle, forgetful, we are no different. This is a crowded place, this “in-between” land.

But don’t take out permanent resident status just yet. Something big is about to transform all who are refugees in this land of confusion, betrayal, discouragement, disappointment.

The Spirit of God which raised Jesus from the dead is living in you! – You are alive!Romans 8:11

Here is a trustworthy statement: if we died with Him, we will also live with Him.2 Timothy 2:11

Easter is Victory! The battle is won, death is defeated, hope is restored! Don’t let yourself get stuck in that “in-between place” – you are just passing through. Happy Easter living!

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