going public around the globe

I know this post will not go over well with everyone who reads it. However, I believe we were divinely designed (assumption #1 that might create disagreement) to develop a heart and mindset that embraces the globe … we were created for this purpose. We model what is expressed in the most famous verse of the New Testament: “for God so loved the world …”

I absolutely love these two video clips. I have the links below.

 WARNING: don’t watch them if you feel that spirituality is totally a private matter. I also believe that, as a Christ follower, I am commissioned to “go public” (assumption #2 that will create some rumbling). However, this mission mandate, built into the DNA of a Christian by a Holy Spirit, which, according to the Bible, leads people to truth & energizes for sharing, is also part of the design. It does not involve oppression, force, manipulation, or disrespect. It does involve relational sensitivity, and grace.

  Last Sunday I preached on MADE FOR MISSION; wish I could have shown this video http://t.co/fLvaVIR via @YouTube

In this video clip, John Piper explains in 2 minutes what I tried to say in 25 last Sunday http://t.co/H8Ovf0o via @YouTube

My notes are up on the series blog: http://40dayspurposepresrevdoug.blogspot.com/

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