My Romanian Heroes

These people made it all possible. Encouraging the churches in Romania has become my passion, my calling. It is a thrill to travel and to minister in Eastern Europe,  but it is also very costly. So I want to salute these faithful, generous partners.  * Each trip Amanda Richards and Yvonne Johns responded to pleas from afar for more dollars and no spending at home, thus making the trips possible. * the congregation of First Presbyterian in Brockville provides $600 annually for Study Leave  * The people of Bacau & region were kind with the sharing of meals …. thanks to all of you! (if I have missed anyone, it is due to my inept administrative record keeping – let me know and I will correct my mistake immediately!)

Ministry is always best done in partnership;  so let’s recognize by name the following:

Trip # 1 – November 2010

* Peter & Hannah Gimby – Calgary, Alberta

* Richard & Ruth Curran – Hampstead, New Hampshire

* Barbara Plunkett – FPC Brockville, Ontario

* Mary Douglas – Toronto, Ontario

* Roger & June Johns – Orillia, Ontario

Trip #2 – March 2011

* Corinne MacDonald – Victoria, British Columbia

* Colin Couper – Victoria, British columbia

* June & Roger Johns – Orillia, Ontario

* Mary Douglas – Toronto, Ontario

Trip #3 – May 2011

* Ed & Heather Willis – North Easton, Massachusetts

* Andrew Peat – Woodstock, Ontario

* Eric & Sue Beth Gustafson – Rhinelander, Wisconsin

* Nancy & Rick Oliver – FPC Brockville, Ontario


In support of Patrick Voo, May 2011  

* Glenn & Kristy Wagner – Coldwater, Ontario

* Connexus Community Church – Orillia/Barrie, Ontario

* Andrew & Lidia Harvey – Shanty Bay, Ontario

* Sara & Jeff Van Kolfschoten – Minesing, Ontario

* Blackie Black Line Construction – Oro Station, Ontario

* Wellnet solutions Inc. – Carlisle, Ontario

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