Bible Superheroes: who is on your list?

I need your suggestions. I am looking for the top 8 Bible characters who should be on this list. Leave a comment or email me at

Is it possible to locate, learn, & live the kind of faith that will lead to an unbelievable life everyday? That place where dreams are realized and lives are changed. Is it true that “all things are possible with God”? I’m curious to know what you think about ‘living by faith’. I am open to your suggestions of who to include in this ‘elite eight’ survey. And while we are thinking about this subject, why do you think Hebrews chapter 11 is even in the Bible? 

faithfully yours,



About dougjohns

Doug Johns retired from ministry in Canada to devote more time to international work. Right now he pastors part time at the International Baptist Church in Bielefeld, Germany. He is a graduate of York Univ. (B.A.) and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (M.Div.). Doug is married to Yvonne and they have four grown children plus eight grandchildren. Doug has had significant experience as a Presbyterian Minister in Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and New Brunswick. He has served as Associate Pastor at West Congregational in Haverhill, Massachusetts; Doug is committed to international ministry in Romania; and he has taken leadership in Christian Camping as Executive Director of Camp Fireside, NH; Glen Mhor Presbyterian Camp, Ontario; Timberline Ranch, BC. .... avid baseball fan of the Toronto Blue Jays ... Managed American Legion Baseball Team out of Creston BC in North Idaho League. Doug is a serious runner with many international half-marathons completed over the last 6 years.
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