7 Days til Victory!

We cry out “God – why haven’t you dealt with this yet!? ” Everyone wants stuff to happen quickly. Everyone is going so fast. How many people can you name who really have that spiritual fruit called patience, talked about in Galatians 5?

We cry out “God, don’t you have a better plan? – one more likely to succeed?” It is our nature to ‘second guess’ the Lord.

The best plans are developed on holy ground where we can hear God speak. You would think that a divine encounter should be all that we would need: divine messages are pretty impressive after all, compelling and energizing. Yet, when we come up against a brick wall, when we can’t make any progress, when we need a breakthrough, sometimes we can get tired of waiting, tired of trying, even tired of trusting. We’ve heard that God’s ways are not our ways. We know that God often surprises, that God often shows up just in time, and still we are tempted towards disobedience. God’s ways are not our ways.

The lesson from Joshua and the walls of Jericho penetrate the barriers of culture and time and shake common sense: stick to the plan God gave you. Hold to the promise, play the music, shout the victory praise.

Know some walls that need knocking down? – in relationships?, in our community? Will you partner with God and his people to win the battle – His way?

You can read the account in Joshua chapters 5 & 6. Five principles jump out of this famous story. You can see these in the outline of the teaching “7 Days til Victory” by clicking here.

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