where are your table manners?

What were some of the “table manners” your mom insisted you learn? How often were you an embarrassment when eating out in public? I remember at camp we had a silly game/song/chant about catching campers or staff with their elbows on the table (‘Doug, Doug, if you’re able get your elbows off the table! this is not a horse’s stable but a first-class dining table!’) 

It seems Paul noticed when churches were abusing the Communion Table. He called the Corinthians to watch their manners. We need to read the etiquette book as well. Here is my outline: trust it helps as you prepare for Communion.

Teaching notes:

Rev. D. Johns


1 Corinthians 11:17-34

  1. The PRACTICE of The Lord’s Supper in the early church (What was The Agape Feast?) 
  2. The PROBLEM with The Lord’s Supper in the early church (that which was designed to unify was actually indicating divisions and irresponsibility!) 
  3. Maintaining The PRIORITIES in The Lord’s Supper:
  • Look back – to Christ’s death
  • Look in – with self examination
  • Look up – in fellowship with God
  • Look around – for fellowship with others
  • Look forward – at Christ’s return
  • Look outward – and proclaim the Lord to others

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