what to do with an extra hour



What will you do with an extra hour this weekend? This is no small, insignificant question! Who has not dreamed of more time? Who has never complained “I don’t have enough time!”? This is your opportunity! Make your list – or choose from mine:

* watch an extra TV show

* party longer

* catch an extra hour of sleep

* write the outline of that novel you have been contemplating

* phone or skype your family

* pick up that book gathering dust

* roll those bothersome coins that clutter every flat space in your house

* exercise

* eat

* plan a vacation

* learn a new language (well, that may be a little optimistic)

* read some blogs – better yet, start your own!

* catch up on work (ever wonder who has to pick up the extra hour? how much overtime has to be paid this weekend?)

* sort the recycling

* get out the winter clothes, shovels (or choose the earlier option of planning that warm winter vacation)

* take a long hot bath

* eat a snack (oh, did I mention that already?)

* go to church!!!!!!!!! (and ask the preacher to speak an extra hour!)

* make a list of what you will leave undone next Spring when the clocks move ahead

* make a list of what you will do with your extra hour this time next year, seeing as you have now pretty well used up this year’s extra hour!

Seriously, and sadly though, some will choose to worry – a rather silly option when you think about what Jesus says in Matthew chapter 6:

  • Do not worry about your life
  • Do not worry about tomorrow
  • Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?

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