three 10 second sermons

find a church tomorrow where you can bless God, be a blessing to others, and be blessed by God’s Spirit!

Be inspired!

Where are you going today? “Lead me God, in the way everlastingPsalm 139:24

Ecclesiastes 10:9 = Whoever quarries stones may be injured by them; whoever splits logs may be endangered by them. No matter what your occupation, trouble, testing & trial can bring you down. Be careful today!

Matthew 6:33 = Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given unto you. C.H. Spurgeon = Just as a traveler turns from his empty canteen and runs to the well, turning away from the hives of earth, where we find no honey but many sharp stings, we rejoice in Him whose faithful word is sweeter than honey.

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