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He doesn’t get the answer he was hoping for. Surely he hoped this guy Jesus would make him feel better – but it didn’t happen. The rich man went away feeling even worse. Disappointed that he could not bring himself to do the one tough thing that would assure him of eternal life.

Encounters with Jesus do not always come with ‘happily ever-after endings’. Some leave grumpy, some leave offended, some leave still searching. (I’m thankful for all those who meet Jesus and leave healed, forgiven, freed, inspired – but in Mark 10 we read about a rich ruler who leaves disappointed.

The story raises a few questions for me – how about you? What are the dangers of wealth? What one thing holds us back from receiving and entering God’s Kingdom? What one precious item do we cling to that prevents us from clinging to Jesus? …… and what has the camel got to do with all this? Hey, it’s all there tomorrow morning, Sunday August 04 2013 as we take a good look at Mark 10.

just can’t seem to let go

One thought on “just can’t seem to let go

  1. Every time we see a sermon announcement like this one, I wish we lived in Kimberly, Canada instead of New Port Richey, Florida. This is such a great topic. It has always amazed me that some (most, it may seem) people who are already VERY rich are possessed by the desire for more money, while others (usually Christians) can find happiness with VERY little financial security. As a psychologist, I find this extreme difference to be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Wish I could hear your applications of the scriptures to this phenomenon. My own favorite Bible verses are found in Matt. 25:31 ff. – Hope to see you and Yvonne in Florida again soon.

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