Romania in September






This was visit #4 for Yvonne and visit #7 for me – all in less than 3 years! We are thankful for the encouragement and support from people all around the world, and for the backing of our home church St. Andrew’s, Kimberley. This latest venture was quite exciting and fruitful, but not without its challenges.


People assisted with the provision of more than a suitcase of school supplies – designated for kindergarten work at Maranatha Church, Cold Valley, Tg Mures. However, as we visited with Pastor Horvath and family, it became clear to us that we should hold back some of the supplies. On our last day we re-visited Charis Foundation (a retreat, camp-like ministry in western Romania, near Oradea, close to the Hungary border) – it turned out that they could really use the remaining school supplies. In just a few days they were to host a children’s Day Camp; 45 children had been invited but 65 children were registered. They were preparing for 70. The donated supplies were provided by Canadian friends just at the right time!

Now here is a simple but cool story about the supplies going to Romania. When it came time to do on-line check in for our flight leaving Calgary, I got through all the steps save one, and then was told I had to print the boarding pass at the airport kiosk the next day. I was not happy! We arrive at the airport and try to do just that, and again they failed to print. I was not happy! I was frustrated. So a West Jet/KLM staff member comes to assist this grumpy customer. I said I was trying to check my 2 suitcases plus the extra one (which I was willing to pay for) but the stupid machine was not working.

As she kindly takes us to the front of the line (nice) she asks about our trip. It turns out her family heritage is Romanian, and she personally makes sure we are not charged for the extra school supply suitcase or our overweight case with the additional school supplies. So, see, there was a reason why we could not check in online or at the kiosk! Saved some money and got to speak about our work in Romania and the generosity of our people. We could see her then proceed to tell all the staff about church missions to Romania!

Yvonne and I did this trip having some but not all of our Mission costs covered. So, in faith, we trust that additional support will come in before the end of this year. Again, I can provide details if God impresses this on your hearts.

Wow – it was such a learning and blessed adventure.
We held a brief children’s program on Monday September 16 2013 at Maranatha Church in Cold Valley, Targu Mures. We did not expect the number of kids who turned out, nor the wide age span. It was fun though!

The children and their leaders had made a poster to say thanks to “Kimberley & Cranbrook” – note the Romanian & Canadian flags on the poster. Most of the supplies will be kept for future children’s programs and the Kindergarten. A few of the older children who do attend school took a filled case home with them.

Charis Foundation founders and Directors Daniel & Mona Cuipe were thrilled to receive school/arts supplies as well. For this ‘photo op’ Daniel proudly wore the Canadian baseball cap we had brought for him.

THANKS again to all those who donated the supplies/money for the suitcase and a half we took to Romania … and to the two couples who generously covered the additional $150.00 we spent once in Romania for the school project: our best friends Sandy & Dusty Papke of Ontario and my sister Heather & her husband Ed Willis of Massachusetts.

So many people assist with the Romania mission – we are grateful. The last two mission trips have been supported by many. Special appreciation is mentioned to Rev. Jim Hearne of Balfour, BC, who sends monthly support, and our daughter Hannah & her husband Peter Gimby of Calgary who amaze us with their stewardship discipline & generosity.

We love our work in Kimberley. We love our work in Romania. God is good.

Thanking you for your friendship



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