Friday May 9th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Yvonne and I want to let you know that we are thinking of you as we continue our adventure towards Europe. We have been traversing the Atlantic for 8 full days now. One more night, our 9th, and we will arrive in Lisbon, Portugal. On Wednesday we saw our first sign of others navigating these waters – just one small sailboat and another small vessel. Until then we had seen absolutely no other signs of humans! Yesterday we caught a glimpse of land through the mist and fog – the Azores islands. I thought of how so many brave explorers and merchants and settlers sailed the ocean for months – and in small and fragile ships. These people risked their lives for a purpose that burned in their hearts. Boldly they made their way into an unknown future.

May 7 2014 2453

The Church moves into the future, unsure sometimes of what lays beyond the horizon. It is a time for adventure and courage and risk. But this we are sure of: God is our navigator, our companion, our strength, and our comforting companion. It is a time to trust and a time to discover ‘new worlds’!

Speaking of companions, I have a travelling companion who has a birthday today! Yvonne is indeed a ‘co-adventurer’ – Happy Birthday to my wife!

May 7 2014 2501

Blessings, Pastor Doug

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