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Tuesday July 29 2014


We are so pleased to greet you from hot, sunny British Columbia. This has been a great stretch of summer weather and now we are beginning to enjoy the harvest from our small vegetable garden. Daily the vast urban deer population try and find a way in past Doug’s 3 zones of security bungee-corded & wooden barriered warning system! We must admit though, that when we see the spotted fawns it is a little more difficult to be too angry at them. The downside of ‘hot’ is the smoke from a high number of wild forest fires that periodically invades the mountain valleys. But living in the mountains is great: we will experience every day this week daytime temperatures around or higher than 35 C or 96 F (with no humidity) and at night the temperatures quickly cool for comfortable sleeping.

We wrote earlier in the year about the January birth of grandchild #5, Elsie June (The Gimby family: Hannah, Peter, Sasha and Myles). Now we can report the June birth of grandchild #6, Abigail Ruth (The Johns family: Caleb, Jen and Malcolm. This is turning out to be a productive year as we wait & pray for grandchild #7 to be born in December (The Engler family: Karis, Glen and Gracie). These three families enjoy Calgary for work and living. Caleb and family moved to their own new home in Airdrie this year. The families spend many hours together and often when we Skype we get to see cousins laughing and playing. We are so glad they like each other so much!

Amanda lives with us in the manse here in Kimberley. She was happy for a job change recently. Working in the kitchen at “Our Place” restaurant offers more hours and a regular schedule. We do miss the free treats from the candy store but are so pleased that this is a better situation for Amanda. She can continue walking to work every day; the restaurant is also located down the hill in the Platzl.

As soon as the tax season work ended we spent a wonderful 40th wedding anniversary cruising across the Atlantic from Florida to Portugal and Spain. We were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to go eight continual days without seeing land. The trans-Atlantic cruise was an amazing holiday and we enjoyed visiting countries we had never yet travelled to. Barcelona was a particularly exciting city to explore. We then moved on to Bucharest in Romania for marathon related races. The popular and beautiful medieval city of Brasov was the next destination where we utilized Study Leave time for preliminary research into the Reformation in Translyvania. Otni Livadaru was a great help in the visit to the Brosov library, doing some translation for us. We were also able to worship with the Livadaru family at their church in Ghimbav. We later got to spend some days in Tirgu Mures visiting churches and the dear family of Pastor Horvath. There was also time for a day visit to the Gherla church to be with the family of Romi & Marta – so glad to have our friend Etta Sebi-Horvath and her three children along to assist with translation. On our way back to BC we made a quick stop in Toronto to get in a wonderful visit with Doug’s brother Murray and his wife Tammy, and to reconnect with good friends Sandy & Dusty Papke.

It is hard to believe that this is our 3rd summer in Kimberley. We are now into our 3rd year with St. Andrew’s Kimberley. The small congregation is generous, supportive and encouraging. Sunday morning worship is dynamic. They are hungry for Bible teaching and our small group meetings on Thursday evenings (pot luck supper and study) are well attended. Our people are loving and hospitable and we are doing our best to offer a grace-filled welcome to all who visit. Growth is slow but God is in this work.

Doug has now been assisting Knox Church Cranbrook for over a year as they search for a new Lead Pastor – still taking applications. Doug continues to serve on the Board of the Renewal Fellowship within the PCC and we pray for wisdom, provision and direction for this ministry. Yvonne has been active at St. Andrew’s running the tech computer most Sundays & using her photography skills to produce good visual backgrounds on the screen; she has taken some leadership with the women’s group; and she has done a masterful job coaching the women in the craft group. The ministry of ‘prayer quilts’ has really prospered under her encouragement.

Love to all of you, D&Y










About dougjohns

Doug Johns retired from ministry in Canada to devote more time to international work. Right now he pastors part time at the International Baptist Church in Bielefeld, Germany. He is a graduate of York Univ. (B.A.) and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (M.Div.). Doug is married to Yvonne and they have four grown children plus eight grandchildren. Doug has had significant experience as a Presbyterian Minister in Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and New Brunswick. He has served as Associate Pastor at West Congregational in Haverhill, Massachusetts; Doug is committed to international ministry in Romania; and he has taken leadership in Christian Camping as Executive Director of Camp Fireside, NH; Glen Mhor Presbyterian Camp, Ontario; Timberline Ranch, BC. .... avid baseball fan of the Toronto Blue Jays ... Managed American Legion Baseball Team out of Creston BC in North Idaho League. Doug is a serious runner with many international half-marathons completed over the last 6 years.
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One Response to getting caught up

  1. Anne-Marie Buergstaller says:

    did you get my response if not here it is again
    To have Doug Johns as a Pastor is like to have dessert every day , and not gaining weight .
    His services are are each time very awakening no one can fall asleep his sermons are too entertaining . However very meaningful . Plus Pastor John gets his people involved in different Bible studies . He is full of positive energy .And so is his wife.

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