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one week church devotional

God does not need us to condemn each other on His behalf but to love each other on His behalf. 7 brief devotional readings for a ‘week of Christian love’ John Wesley was one of nineteen children born to Samuel … Continue reading

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Preaching in an Age of Distraction

From Doug’s Preaching Mentorship Notes: Design2Delivery #7 – Wednesday October 26 2016 – Rev. D. Johns More and more we are preaching to an audience that is ‘disposed to distraction’. I have preached outside and had to compete with animals, … Continue reading

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why doxology? – why church?

Very few churches sing THE DOXOLOGY any more. Hopefully they compensate for all they lose by omitting this traditional item from Sunday worship. Here’s why ‘doxology’ is so important: Praise God from whom all blessings flow; Praise him all creatures … Continue reading

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do we really ‘get’ worship?

Sometimes it is so frustrating – I mean we know Jesus said that true worship is a matter of where the heart is, that it is about spirit and not form right?  In John 4:23-24, in response to the question about … Continue reading

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why churches grow

Everyone has their own theories. And I have always taken Acts 2:42-47 as my model/philosophy. Five years ago Carey Nieuhof (Founding & Lead Pastor of Connexus Church in Ontario) wrote what follows. I think he is on to something, and … Continue reading

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three pillars of the church

WHAT HOLDS YOUR CHURCH STEADY, SOLID, SOUND? Of course there will be a multitude of answers suggested. My contribution to the discussion will be just three elements; worship, witness, and nurture. I believe all three are so important that this … Continue reading

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magnetic church … walking with Wurmbrand part #1

Richard Wurmbrand, leader of the “Underground Church” in 20th Century Communist Europe, is  well known, and not just to his own Romanian people. His life of Christian faith is an encouragement to all who are persecuted, to all who go … Continue reading

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