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trying to untangle eschatology

I can get anything tangled. Shoe laces, garden hoses, computer cords, seat belts, …. and theology. Especially eschatology (the doctrine of the end times). A few preachers are consumed with prophecy, making charts, and scaring people into readiness. Many prefer … Continue reading

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Preaching in an Age of Distraction

From Doug’s Preaching Mentorship Notes: Design2Delivery #7 – Wednesday October 26 2016 – Rev. D. Johns More and more we are preaching to an audience that is ‘disposed to distraction’. I have preached outside and had to compete with animals, … Continue reading

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preaching: why & how I do it every week

Preaching is something I have been doing since I was sixteen years old. After forty-four years I’m still studying the art and science of this sacred craft. I hope to be inspired so as to inspire. I continually strive to … Continue reading

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Bible Superheroes: who is on your list?

I need your suggestions. I am looking for the top 8 Bible characters who should be on this list. Leave a comment or email me at Is it possible to locate, learn, & live the kind of faith that … Continue reading

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all night church service – long winded preacher sends man to his death; then revives him

The passage in Acts 20:7-12 amused me in a peculiar sort of way, before I was a preacher. Not so much after. Many years ago, as a child and then into my earlier teen years, I would use this passage to support … Continue reading

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the sermon Must Go On – No Distractions

We all know the unofficial motto/reputation of the Post Office: we deliver your mail through rain, sleet, snow and ice; we deliver through hurricanes, earthquakes, and vicious dogs growling.   Similarly, for Ministers, we deliver our sermons through all kinds of … Continue reading

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why a sermon? – 3 reasons

I have often wondered why, generally speaking, mainline churches seem to be satisfied with briefer sermons while newer unaffiliated churches thrive on messages that can easily hit the 45 minute mark without an audience yawn or impatient watch glance. Perhaps … Continue reading

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