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trying to untangle eschatology

I can get anything tangled. Shoe laces, garden hoses, computer cords, seat belts, …. and theology. Especially eschatology (the doctrine of the end times). A few preachers are consumed with prophecy, making charts, and scaring people into readiness. Many prefer … Continue reading

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Preaching in an Age of Distraction

From Doug’s Preaching Mentorship Notes: Design2Delivery #7 – Wednesday October 26 2016 – Rev. D. Johns More and more we are preaching to an audience that is ‘disposed to distraction’. I have preached outside and had to compete with animals, … Continue reading

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preaching: why & how I do it every week

Preaching is something I have been doing since I was sixteen years old. After forty-four years I’m still studying the art and science of this sacred craft. I hope to be inspired so as to inspire. I continually strive to … Continue reading

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Bible Superheroes: who is on your list?

I need your suggestions. I am looking for the top 8 Bible characters who should be on this list. Leave a comment or email me at Is it possible to locate, learn, & live the kind of faith that … Continue reading

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shake, rattle and roll

It has been a week of stressful adventure for our family – my mother was rushed to hospital in Orillia during the night on Monday. I was there by mid afternoon on Tuesday  and my sister and her husband from … Continue reading

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ministry readiness for 2011

Sunday January  02, 2011   Greetings in the strong and sweet name of Jesus! I am hoping this finds you blessed and eager to continue serving our Lord Jesus for another year. I want to suggest to you that 2011 can be … Continue reading

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all night church service – long winded preacher sends man to his death; then revives him

The passage in Acts 20:7-12 amused me in a peculiar sort of way, before I was a preacher. Not so much after. Many years ago, as a child and then into my earlier teen years, I would use this passage to support … Continue reading

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