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trying to untangle eschatology

I can get anything tangled. Shoe laces, garden hoses, computer cords, seat belts, …. and theology. Especially eschatology (the doctrine of the end times). A few preachers are consumed with prophecy, making charts, and scaring people into readiness. Many prefer … Continue reading

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why doxology? – why church?

Very few churches sing THE DOXOLOGY any more. Hopefully they compensate for all they lose by omitting this traditional item from Sunday worship. Here’s why ‘doxology’ is so important: Praise God from whom all blessings flow; Praise him all creatures … Continue reading

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what is all the hype about Christmas?

Originally posted on Certainly Resurgam:
By Amber   Christmas is right around the corner, Isaac’s about to be spoiled beyond appropriateness, and many are crossing their fingers, hoping to avoid a big holiday debt. I don’t mind the holiday season:…

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what will God do? and what should I do? … the tangled web of divine sovereignty and human responsibility

The struggle to reconcile these two theological extremes has challenged theologians through the centuries. My library contains books that reflect the opposite ends of the spectrum, and books that suggest possible common ground. I have just three very simple observations, … Continue reading

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