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#27 Instagram is testing a feature that will allow friend tagging in video, but there is still much work to be done.

#26 Caption versus photo — which matters more? “The photo is how you draw people in, so if the photo isn’t engaging, more often than not, people aren’t going to stick around to read the caption. Get someone engaged with an amazing photo and compel them to write a comment because of your thought-provoking caption.”

#25 Twitter is making it easier to catch live broadcasts from the accounts you follow. Now, anytime an account you follow starts a stream and shares a tweet about it, the broadcast will be pushed to the top of your timeline.

#24 Instagram is real – not just a fad. Just like ‘Google’, ‘Instagram’ is now an acceptable verb. ‘Instagrammable’ is also a real word. – Webster’s dictionary

#23 now snapchat copies Instagram: Bounce is just like Boomerang

#22 YouTube makes charitable fundraising easier, more convenient

#21 teacher earns 4x the income by spending evenings marketing education on Instagram

#20 traditional advertising or digital? Easy answer. Results speak.

#19 I guess not all consequences are anticipated before a policy change. When Facebook disallowed third-party cross-posting, Twitter removed that app and some valuable historic data was lost. Do you know anyone experiencing this?

#18 Instagram has changed much of present-day life. Here is how it infiltrates every aspect of our daily activities.

#17 Are you a visual learner? This may help you make sense of the social media universe.

#16 When it comes to authentication on Facebook, there are new requirements for people who manage Pages with a large US audience.

#15. YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat are the most popular online platforms among teens. Fully 95% of teens have access to a smartphone, and 45% say they are online ‘almost constantly’.

#14. YouTube has a constant struggle with ‘inflated fake views’. It may be questionable business, but it is big business. There is high competition and high profits in this so-called service.

#13. So many options! You can now do polls with DM’s in Instagram. It’s all about engagement, engagement, engagement. Big potential for business, I think, not just the silly stuff. Read more here:

#12. From Mark Zuckerberg on August 15, 2018: regarding Facebook’s tool for birthday fundraising:
Some good news: in the last year since we launched birthday fundraisers to help people dedicate their birthdays to raising money for a cause, people have raised over $300 million for over 750,000 non-profits — everything from food banks to animal shelters to Alzheimer’s research. Thanks to everyone who has dedicated their birthday and to everyone who donated!

YouTube about to leap over Facebook:
Facebook’s web traffic has declined by nearly half in the last two years, while YouTube is climbing.
Amazon is poised to become the fourth most-visited website, unseating Yahoo.
Google still is far and away the most visited website on the internet. Read more here:

#10. Snapchat has taken the lead in social ‘augmented reality’ – not something I am enamoured with, probably because I am old and serious (just like I never do ‘the wave’ at a sporting event – just childish). Now you can do voice activated tricks.
Read here.

#9. How much time do you spend (perhaps read ‘waste’) on Facebook and Instagram? Now you can get the exact number – direct from the platform itself. Yes, no longer will you be able to get away with the vague response “I’m not sure, but it can’t be that much. Hey, I’m not addicted or anything.”
Read the details here
And if you want to go beyond Facebook and Instagram, here is a list of 7 apps that will do the tracking for you.

#8. Instagram Stories is 2 years old. Personally, I have not adopted/opted in yet, but I’m clearly in the minority! Snapchat doesn’t know what passed them so fast on the social media highway.
Amazing details of Instagram’s success here

#7. Facebook opens the door for ‘playable ads’ – how to get you app noticed!
click here to see what we’re talking about.

#6. I’m sad about this development. It is no longer easy to automatically ‘cross – post’ to Facebook. I had been doing this with Twitter for a long time, to save time. Oh well, the world of social is always changing.
You can get the details here.

#5. How to clean up your Instagram feed – Unless you really look forward to seeing posts from a certain account, those people or businesses which, without, you will go into withdrawal depression, then why continue following when they have not returned the favor? For this I use UNFOLLOW. This app identifies ‘non-followers’ (people who don’t follow you back); ‘mutual followers’ (people who mutually follow you); and ‘fans’ (people you don’t follow back). The app also allows ‘copy followers’ (add the followers of other users) and ‘whitelist’ (identify and protect the accounts you trust and value from accidentally unfollowing). The automatic unfollow can delete 50 non-followers at a time; however, it requires 30 minutes before repeating this action so as to protect you from the ‘Instagram police’. Every few weeks I try to bring my non-followers down to a more reasonable number. Why did I follow them in the first place? It was to try and make a network contact, or to learn, or in the hope that they might reciprocate. Time to practice some ‘catch and release’.


#4. The best platform to build your small business online? You likely guessed four or five others before this.
How about Linkedin?
Read more here


#3. What social media platform is getting the most ‘love’ these days? Instagram is by far the leader, with YouTube next. Facebook is in third place. And in terms of daily use, Facebook is losing ground to Instagram. read more here ….


#2. Advancing a social media presence is much more than a popularity contest! Somehow social media must convert and contribute to a positive business impact. Beautiful photos and catchy text can be creative but they must also be productive. Structure your social media efforts after answering these questions about the brand you are promoting. read more here …


#1. Instagram confusion? Block or go private? What if they find out that you dumped them? Don’t want to hear the monotonous/repetitive/nonsensical posts from a close friend or relative? – Instagram’s recent MUTE feature addition lets you keep them silent without the drama/tension of a block or going private. read more here …