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While making no health or wealth guarantees or claims, there are good stories and good science supporting this natural approach to a happy body, happy business life.

Not all Hemp Oil is the same! This well-written article helps explain the difference between ‘full-spectrum’ and ‘isolate’. Do you know what the “entourage effect” is, and why it is so important? We prefer a THC-free ‘broad-spectrum’ oil and therefore promote & distribute the CBG oil (RECEPT) from PrimeMyBody. Reach out to us. Yvonne Johns, Doug Johns


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NOT ALL HEMP OILS ARE CREATED EQUAL: do your research! It all depends on what you consider essential and important. Watch this page for regular updates on these items and more. Stay informed.

  • some contain only CBD
  • some contain both CBD and CBG
  • some contain sweeteners (including STEVIA)
  • some contain THC
  • some contain TERPENES

FAQ about your HEMP OIL:

  • Is there a difference between CBD & CBG?
  • What is THC and should it be in my Hemp Oil?
  • How does ‘full spectrum’ compare to ‘broad spectrum’?
  • Is it helpful for Hemp Oil to include ‘terpenes’?
  • What is meant by the ‘entourage effect’?
  • What is the history of Hemp? Is it illegal?
  • How does hemp differ from Marijuana?