people were crying at the bank today

People were crying in the bank today: no, not because of the world economic chaos; no, not because of offensively high service charges; no, not because there was a robbery in progress – but because the bank staff excelled in customer service. And I thought of Jesus, and the angels in heaven. Yes, let me explain.

I was standing in line, waiting patiently (those of you who know me will find that statement a little hard to believe, true) – when the lady behind me could wait no longer. She rushed in front of me and urgently asked a question of the customer service rep. This lady appeared somewhat frantic. It seems she had been to the bank earlier. Sometime during the day she had lost a ring. She was now retracing her steps, hopeful to find that someone somewhere had picked it up and kept it safe.

The customer service rep went to one of the tellers, who said “yes, I found it and locked it in the drawer”. What followed the joyful tearful reunion of this woman and her ring was stirring. It was an engagement ring. I don’t know how fancy or expensive it was. I do know that it was of utmost value. The owner started to sob, so appreciative of the bank staff. Somehow her dark and broken world would be restored. Bank staff had tears in their eyes. Even customers stopped and gulped. A public display of emotion on all our parts. Something of great value – lost – searched for – found – relief –rejoicing. We had witnessed something very intimate, very profound, very moving.

Jesus talks of a lost sheep, a lost coin, and a lost son. A careful and costly search follows. The lost item is of such incredible value. And when located, the whole world is to know – and all heaven rejoices. Tears of joy. Just like I saw in the bank today. The Bank of Montreal in Brockville was the location of today’s spiritual lesson. Luke 15 is the location of the parables of Jesus. This is why we engage in mission. This is why we partner with God. This is God’s heart revealed. This is at the heart of our church right? Not competition, not politics, not agendas, not empty ritual – finding that which is lost, returning it to its rightful owner, and crying with joy when the lost is found!

When was the last time you saw God’s truth played out at your bank?

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