someone must have been praying


I’m so thankful that you, and the people of St. Andrew’s in Kimberley, pick up the baton and run with prayers to compensate for my lack of/or supplement my little efforts in this regard: here is how I know you and others have been praying:

– the last 2 Sunday services have been quite powerful
– last week our meetings went so well (Finance on Monday, Knox Cranbrook Search on Monday, Session on Tuesday, Membership Matters on Thursday, Presbytery on Friday) 
– Ladies Retreat at Dutch Harbour was an inspiration to those who attended
We pray right now for the Knox Session meeting being led by Gwen Brown
* anyone feel called/led to represent our church at the Inter Church meeting tomorrow – the purpose is to plan a joint effort for a parade float for Julyfest. The meeting is at the RC church. let me know.
Amanda had a few days off work so we left after church on Sunday and went to Calgary to see family. Monday we had all the grandchildren at the Zoo and then all 14 of us shared dinner at Hanna’s house. Pretty special times. Yvonne finishes her 2 weeks of helping at the end of the week and should be back in Kimberley Friday night. No news yet on the imminent arrival of grandchild #6.
Driving home Tuesday we saw one mama black bear, but not where the warning signs were!!! Amanda says those signs are “false advertising”. Been looking for the grizzly bears the last few trips but no luck.

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